Sterling Township

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Trustees are responsible for maintaining approximately 27 miles of roads in Sterling Township. The following is a list of the 37 roads that are maintained by Sterling Township.

 Autumn Wynds
 Bardwell West
 Bloomrose Road
 Blue Sky Park
 Chad Lane
 Colonial Drive
 Commissioners Way
 Edgington Road
 Greenbush Cobb Road
 Greenbush Glancy
 Gunnar Drive
 Harker Waits Road


 Hannah Drive
 Hess Road
 Holman Road
 Karampas Lane
 Lee Bee Lane 
 Lindsey Road 
 Lost Lake Court 
 Martinique Drive 
 Meadow Glen Drive
 New Harmony Salem
 Old State Road
 Pauley Drive

 Salem Church Road
 Steward Harbough
 Snider Malott
 Sweet Gum Court
 Todds Run Foster
 Todd Run New Harmony
 Valerie Lane
 Whispering Wynds W.
 Whispering Wynds E.